The Eye Glassiers of Houston   3897 Southwest Fwy  Houston,TX77027   (713) 552-9400
The Eye Glassiers of Houston
3897 Southwest Fwy
HoustonTX 77027
 (713) 552-9400

Reviews Of The Eye Glassiers of Houston

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Melyn 123
Feb 22, 2018

They don't call Dr.K the "EYE GURU" for nothing! He is the best eye doctor in Houston in my opinion! He has been our Dr. for over 16 years now and everyone we send to him is impressed with his professionalism, kindness and state-of-the art equipment! *For example I sent a friend who's daughter had injured her eye and she had been to 3 doctors already all whom said she needed immediate surgery due to blister/injury and Dr.K took 1 look at it and discovered the not only that she did NOT NEED SURGERY but had a fine "splinter" her eye that needed to be removed by an office visit! He has great experience and background... I guess working at MD Anderson Cancer Center/eye Dr there taught him more than anyone else can see! Trust me Dr.Kotcheca is amazing, I promise you'll thank me for writing this review!

Edgar P
Jun 23, 2017

Awesome customer service, definitely reccomend Elia to help you.

Grace Arnold
Jan 23, 2017

I'm was visiting from Canada and had an eye problem emergency. I was able to get an appointment quickly and had a very thorough exam. I was very impressed with Deepak Kotecha's gentle and caring mannerism and his vast medical eye knowledge. He truly is one the best optometrist ever!

Veronica Hdz
Nov 22, 2016

Robert M
Sep 23, 2016

I had LASIK done years ago and loved the results. Unfortunately, the past months I started to notice my shooting scores declining (not that my scores are really good in the first place, but hey I need all the help I can get) and some eye irritation driving at night. My wife searched online and found Eye Glassiers, Dr. Kotecha. She called and had an appointment set in minutes for the next day. We received a welcome email from the practice shortly after scheduling my appointment, filled out the 1-page medical history, and went on with my day. The whole process took less than 5 minutes. I wish other medical practices were that organized. It was great to not have to struggle to find parking as Dr. Kotecha’s patients have assigned parking at the office’s front door. We walked in and found the lobby/waiting area very quiet and welcoming. They have a huge selection of glasses to choose from. Elia, Optician, welcomed us PERSONALLY BY OUR NAMES before we even sat down. Must be a trend in the office as Dr. Kotecha came out to the waiting area and welcomed us again BY NAME. It’s just refreshing to have the Doctor walk up front, greet the patient personally by name with a handshake, and invite them into their practice. My wife and I have asked each other when the last time that happened. Dr. Kotecha listened to my struggles and we had a conversation not an interrogation. Dr. Kotecha was very polite as he endured all my questions. (Yes, I’m one of those patients) He walked me through a number of painless basic sight exams, some painless hi-tech scanning thing-a-ma-gig all while answering all my questions and sharing his knowledge. He assessed my previous LASIK work and I was glad to hear my LASIK doc did a good job. All in all, Dr. Kotecha’s bedside manner is truly stellar. In the end, my wife and sister both made appointments and I ended up needing glasses.

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